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Tips-and-Techniques-to-Delay-EjaculationPremature ejaculation is a common problem for men that can be embarrassing and deflating. Unfortunately, it is also a problem that is rarely discussed due to the male’s reluctance to admit sexual problems to others. The stigma of this disorder often forces males into a desperation mode which can often result in poor decision making. This poor decision making can often manifest itself when trying to find cures for their problem.

Most men try a variety of “cures” for PE many of which can be expensive, dangerous, or just downright silly. One thing often overlooked is the fact that solutions don’t come overnight. A good treatment program will take up to two months to completely be effective.

Luckily for men, there are several things that they can try which are not only risk free, they are expense free. One of the most popular free treatment methods is known as the start stop method. It has proven effective for thousands of men and can be done in the privacy of your home. You will need a partner who is willing to help you however.

start stop

Well, it is a method that has been documented for almost 50 years and (undoubtedly used for thousands) involves learning to control your ejaculation and last much longer.

The premise is simple. The male will experience stimulation of the penis until he is ready to orgasm. At that time however, he will stop all stimulation until the feeling passes. By doing this, you are undergoing training to discover where the point of no return is as far as ejaculation.

Now it is important to remember that this will not be a fun experience. However, the goal is to lengthen the period of sexual activity and to control the orgasm. Men who master this method will eventually discover they are able to have longer sexual activity, less anxiety and much more confidence in their abilities than ever before.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or even if you just want to last longer, you should give the start stop method a try. Remember that you must be patient and you must find a willing and supportive partner. If you have those two things, then success is practically eminent.

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Premature ejaculation is more common than we think, and a lot of the queries that we get from readers who are suffering from it. Often, people think they have premature ejaculation even though they don’t as repeated porn viewings have made them think that a single session of sexual intercourse should last for 30-40 minutes. This is a highly exaggerated conception, and the standard time for ejaculation according to studies is 3 to 5 minutes. In case, you are ejaculating before that then you can try this technique called the Semen’s manoeuvre (also called the stop-start technique) to beat it.

Start Stop Method

Here are the steps to execute it:

  • Arouse yourself by stimulating your penis or asking your partner to stimulate it for you.
  • Once you reach a point where you feel that if you stimulate your penis more, you’ll not be able to control ejaculation, stop!
  • Wait for some time until the feeling of arousal passes away.
  • Once you are comfortable, you can restart stimulating your penis again.
  • Repeat this cycle 5-6 times until you finally ejaculate.

Besides this, you can also try the squeeze technique to beat premature ejaculation. Here are some foods that you can eat to improve your sperm’s quality. You could also refer to our male sex problems mega guide for any other problem that you might be having. Also, you could try kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and give your sex life a boost.

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Probably the most common behavioral therapy for premature ejaculation is the start-stop technique.  The start-stop technique for PE involves the men learning to identify what is often referred to as “mid-level excitement”. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine’s Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Premature Ejaculation, when a man learns to identify mid-level excitement he is able to prevent ejaculation. The start-stop technique requires the man to stop stimulation (e.g. intercourse) and allows the excitement level to diminish before starting again.

Men are often instructed to begin with self-stimulation. When mid-level excitement is identified and ejaculation is controlled, then the man moves onto partner hand stimulation, then to intercourse with minimal movement, and then to stop/start thrusting.


The squeeze technique is often recommended as a therapy for premature ejaculation.  Just Premature ejaculationbefore ejaculation, the shaft of the penis is firmly squeezed between the thumb and forefinger. The squeezing causes a significant reduction in the erection which prevents ejaculation.

Many men claim that the squeeze technique has helped reduce their premature ejaculation.  However, most agree that squeeze technique must be practiced in order to learn the proper timing and squeeze location and pressure. Some men have their partners participate, actually administering the squeeze technique. Several uncontrolled studies have described great success with the squeeze technique but upon review of the literature, it appears that no formal clinical studies have been performed.

how does it work

The start and stop method is one of several techniques you can use to train yourself to last longer during sex. The real beauty of the technique is that it can be practiced alone. This can be particularly useful if you’re single and want to work on your stamina before you next meet someone.

how long it takesThe method involves working out where your point of no return is (when ejaculation is almost inevitable) and stopping before you reach it. The idea being that you develop a better sense of your body’s arousal levels and learn to keep yourself from getting too close to orgasm.

So as you’ll see in the steps below, you can repeatedly get close to the point, then stop and rest for a while before continuing. Eventually you should hopefully find that it takes you longer to reach that point.

The second goal is to develop a better understanding of your arousal levels. So if you get too aroused during sex you can do something about it. That’s when you can call upon other techniques.

If you feel like climaxing as soon as you start up again

When doing the start and stop method, you may find you feel like ejaculating as soon as you start up again after a rest. This may be for one of two reasons:

  • You’re not resting for long enough. 30 seconds is ideal, but you may need a minute for your arousal to drop.
  • You may be pushing yourself too close to the point of no return. In which case your semen has already started its journey and you won’t be able to control it. In future learn to stop a little earlier until you can rest for 30 seconds before continuing.

root-canal-treatmentHow long you should aim to last for

The goal is to keep practicing the technique until you can last 15-20 minutes before you first feel the need to ejaculate. This may seem like an unreasonable goal at the moment, but it is possible with practice.

Please note that the time of 15-20 minutes isn’t suggested because this is how long you need to be able to last for a woman to have an orgasm, or even enjoy sex with you. It’s suggested because the time you last for during masturbation and intercourse is likely to be significantly different.

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