Stop Premature Ejaculation with the Start and Stop Method

Start Stop Method

You can stop premature ejaculation from occurring by using the start and stop method. Done correctly and consistently this can prevent a lifetime of otherwise premature ejaculation suffering. The “catch” of course is that you have to take a few weeks to practice the start and stop method in order to train your body so it will get used to not getting too excited, too quickly. Obviously though, the reward is well worth it: never having to suffer from or worry about premature ejaculation again. Here’s how to train your body to prevent quick ejaculation using this method:

The Start and Stop Method:

This method involves reaching the point where ejaculation usually occurs then stopping and pausing for a few moments until excitement subsides. After that continue again to reach the near over excitement point, then again stop, rest and when your ready, resume.

The start and stop method can be done either through actual sexual intimacy with your partner, or else through masturbation. Intimacy with an understanding partner would be better, and the results can come quicker, but performing the start and stop method on your own is also very effective and allows you the convenience of training your body by yourself, at your convenience and possibly more frequently and consistently, which is key for the start and stop to work well and get your body accustomed for much longer sessions of intimate sex.

After a few days, take notice of how long it is beginning to take you to get to the over excitement point. You’ll find that the usual few minutes will now be extended to perhaps a few more minutes. That’s huge progress after only a few days if you are essentially doubling your lasting time. You’ll want to stick with it though, and work at even greater time extension.

A great idea is to use a premature ejaculation program which already has the start and stop method worked out to a science. That is, it will have an easy and exact routine which you can follow for the fastest results possible. What could normally take a few months of your own start and stop training, a good manual can save you time and have you preventing premature ejaculation in only weeks. Plus it will include other proven and successful methods for quicker and permanent results to occur.

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